DIY Fixes for Old, Slow, Poorly Flushing Toilet

An indelicate subject, we in the West use toilets everyday, multiple times a day.* If your home or toilet is old, it may start running slow, slowly, flushing poorly, not flushing completely. The culprit?...The culprit of the slow flush is often MINERAL buildup in the holes that fill the bowl as you flush, often around the rim, otherwise low in the toilet bowl.

Do you have to go to the expense and trouble of replacingyour toilet? NO! If it is fine otherwise, it may well be superior to many modern toilets, especially if you prefer not to buy the high end ones. So how do you fix it, instead of replacing the toilet? You have to:  ⇉⇉Dissolve or remove the minerals.

To remove them brute force, flush the toilet, then when the bowl is empty, turn off the water, & scrape away at the holes under the lid, using a strong wire, for example a wire clothes hanger. You can use a hand mirror to aid you in seeing what you are doing with the holes under the lid—Family Handyman has pictures here.


February Full Moon Focus—A Fortnight of Goals and Project Action Plans

The 3rd night of the Virgo Full 🌕Moon Eclipse (of 3 nights of a full moon, in the way I see/celebrate/memorialize full moons, the 2nd night being the climax) finds me with goals for projects *and* action plans for completing those goals during the upcoming waning moon fortnight, before the new 🌑 moon on March 6. I'm laying out some very specific timelines and parameters here, for accountability....

Goal 1:
I have plans for my own site/s, and will *eventually* migrate off blogger/blogspot when I can prove to myself that I can churn out content (I've brought urls before and did nothing with them, and will not do that again!) along with etsy and some other online ventures—2019 is the year I leverage 2 decades of digitalism and coding and I become a digital entrepreneur!

A key concept I learned from someone on twitter was that not only 
Entrepreneurial assets/products should  be 🌲evergreen🌲Also, CONTENT *can* be 🌲evergreen🌲, mostly
*Social media can be a fresh and easier micro-pl…

CHEAP or FREE Craft Room Storage, Organization, Basics & Processs Plan— A 30 Day Challenge

A craft room or space can really make crafting things much more pleasant than working wherever and / whenever a clear and clean surface is available, especially if that space is needed immediately for something else, like dinner or homework or other family members' needs. One of my goals this year is to start selling my crafts, and a dedicated space (the better part of a large basement room in my case) means that projects can be left in various stages of assembly, *while* creating several things at a time (giving drying or curing time to one object while working on another); so crafting will be more efficient, and pleasant in dedicated space. After all—there's a *reason* artists have studios! ;)

Also, making the space organized, and pretty, will inspire more creativity! So I've reviewed tons of ideas online, while focusing on free or cheap storage and organization in my plan, and doing a 30 day challenge, to be done setting this up in a month, or less, starting tonight, t…

Hello World! Hello 2019!! Content Editorial Planning Calendar for 2019

Hello World!
Hello 2019!! Hello January!!! ...actually...          Hello end of December; & goodbye end of December. Hello blog-readers!    and WELCOME :)
I'll just dive right in—with this soft-open*—on blogspot/blogger, for speed & ease of starting my "real" blog: ⇨All the current blogging-about-blogging blogs say it is useful to have a trajectory planned for a good landing of the blogs; a content / editorial { planning } calendar.
So I'm going to lay mine out, right here, bare bones, with *free printables* to follow in an upcomoing blogpost (you will be able to CLICK HERE to reach that soon).
BECAUSE this is a wheel-of-the-year seasonal / sustainability / upcycling blog, the calendar part is kind of built-in; PLUS the lunar focus adds to the yearly calendar with a monthly calendar sub-overlay. 
SOoooo.... Cycles within cycles; circles within circles... &repeat; Minutes to hours to days, &repeat; New moons to full moons to dark and new, &repeat; Winter to spring…