Wednesday, December 2, 2020

December Calendar #WordlessWednesday

#WordlessWednesday #WallpaperWednesday #Freebies

 December 2020 Calendar Freebie

Free to download!
Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Happy December 2020! December Blog Topics

With the great news of the incoming Biden-Harris administration, and the covid19 vaccines (from Pfizer, first...where my family used to work), December is 

                * finallllllllllly* .....feeling better, a bit...even if enforced quarantine is getting old and full of conflict.. From the fools who were super-spreader covIdiots, to the resulting deaths and also economic impacts this has been a fairly hard year. Personally, the vaccine news has me looking forward to 2021, maybe starting to get back on my remote tech career path, and having some other family members step up to help octogenarians in my 'pod'.

Meanwhile, here are the things SomeGurrrl (me!) will blog about in Dec '20:

(Nov30 was Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini; lunar eclipses are endings)

  1. December Blog Topics *this post*
  2. WordlessWednesday Dec20 Calendar freebie
  3. Attending virtual Women in Tech Conference; also bulbs
  4. Attending virtual Google Midwest WebDev conference; also cookies; #FridayFreebie
  5. Final gift list
  6. #Self-careSunday: Countdowns: Days, Gifts, Books, ____
  7. #MoonyMonday: Bujo Layout
  8. DIY gifts
  9. #WallpaperWednesday: Holidaze
  10. Gingerbread House Base
  11. #FridayFreebie: Gingerbread House Decor
  12. Saturday Knits
  13. #Self-careSunday: Holidaze Teas
  14. #MoonyMonday: Happy New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius; Electoral College
  15. Solstice Preparations
  16. #WallpaperWednesday: Printable Gifts
  17. Pierogies; Great Conjunction
  18. #FridayFreebie: UglySweaters and Yuletide Carols
  19. Snowflakes; Great Conjunction
  20. #Self-careSunday: Solstice Eve - midnight ritual & Kutia
  21. #MoonyMonday: Solstice Day - rest & assess; Great Conjunction
  22. Cookie & Baking Day 2
  23. #Wallpaper Wednesday:___  Mars square Pluto
  24. Traditional Ukrainian Xmas Eve
  25. #FridayFreebie: Merry Xmas
  26. Boxing Day; Kwanza Unity; 12M lose unemployment insurance
  27. #Self-careSunday: Kwanza Self-Determination
  28. #MoonyMonday: Assessing and moving forward; word for 2021?; Kwanza Collective Work & Responsibility
  29. ___ Kwanza Co-operative Economics; Happy Full Moon in Cancer?
  30. WallpaperWednesday: Happy Full Moon in Cancer; Bonus: Moons, etc of 2021; Kwanza Purpose
  31. Happy New Year's Eve! Bujo Spread for 2021; Kwanza Creativity; Kwanza Faith on 1st; start of Aquarian Decade

Themes for January: new beginnings; winter; coding; organization; health, garden planning, death cleaning, budgets;

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

On an Equinox Morn

 It's past noon now (12:34) and am about to go upstairs for my morning, clean-up, etc.

Here's a freebie wallpaper....

Am behind, as usual when I get up late; I awoke almost 2 hours ago, but opted to read for a bit (currently reading LeGuin's The Beginning Place; am about 5/9, maybe 2/3 through it; it's okay...took a long time to start; I used to push through those slow starts when I read in the long passed past, now they stop me a little less...I guess pandemic gave me that back).

Then discovered via pInterest some blogs to peruse; one witchy one's photo reminded me of 

  • the regret I have in giving up the mortar and pestle I had had...I will need to gift/reward myself with one...
  • which leads to the thought that it's a new week, and I can come up with some *SMART*, small do-able goals...
  • and that it's Autumnal Equinox, and I am unclear about the timing of it and my plans for today,
  • and lastly that I HAVE been saving corn husks to make dollies, which is good since the leaves are still green and on the trees, for autumn leaf crafts.
Well, now it's time to go upstairs and officially greet the world.

Friday, September 4, 2020

Action Systems after Pisces Full Moon Waning Cycle: #physiqueFriday #FridayFreebie

This is part 1 of my series on action timed with cosmic energies.

The key to getting things done in an organized fashion is planning. The key to keep going 'when the going gets rough' is both momentum and a rewards-penalties system. This especially applies to improving your health with a healthier diet and more exercise. The going has *definitely* been getting rough: times haven't been much more rough than in recent US history, with covid highlighting our health, and with obesity being a covid risk factor, many of us *should* use proven systems of action to lose weight to help us get healthier. Now is a GREAT time to do so, because the waning energy after the Pisces Full Moon can set us up for success:

Set up action systems during the waning energy after the recent Pisces Full Moon.

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Healthy Choices; Starting Digital Bullet Journal Daily Pages


Back on Program of *HEALTHY* choices...
  • emoticon +emoticon2 hours gardening & cleaning THURSDAY; also did 2 hours cleaning Tuesday, 55 minutes cleaning Wednesday; spinning 25 minutes, low-impact 45 minutes

  • Healthy-ish (kinda big) meals, but overkill on snacks; still eating Garam Masala Carrot Lentil Soup

  • emoticon write emoticonemoticon

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

December Calendar #WordlessWednesday

#WordlessWednesday #WallpaperWednesday #Freebies  December 2020 Calendar Freebie Free to download! Happy Holidays! #holidaze