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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Inspirations & Freebies: Late Spring 2019

Haven't blogged in QUITE a WHILE! But I've recently perused one of the mothers of all homey-lifestyle blogs—A Beautiful Mess*—& am inspired to apply a couple of things to my life/style & document it here:
1) Made an entry in my bullet journal: "Summer Bucket List"*
2a) Maybe? make some free printables—I'll see about doing in the next week, possibly
2b) Tell you about a source of free graphics and fonts I've downloading (6 weekly graphics & fonts) via Creative Market
3) Photography, done weekly, with some prompts**
May & June photos: reflections, textures, food, balance, perspective, routines, fam, & 2 projects: an (editorial?) diy calendar, & a mixed media gallery wall
***Inspiration: the Weekly Course Content / Prompts from
1. Get Reflective
2. Explore Textures
3. On My Plate
4. Find the Balance
5. Project: DIY Calendar
6. Fresh Perspective
7. Routines
8. Favorite People
9. Project: Mixed Media Gallery Wall
10. Creature Comforts
11. Action Shots
12. Pop Culture 
13. This Thing with Floors
14. Project: Blueprint Message Board
15. Document a Trip
16. Negative Space
17. Work Vibes
18. Project: Make a Mini Book
19. Elevate the Overlooked
20. Color Challenge
21. Shadow Play
22. Project: Collage Art
23. Go Abstract 
24. At Home
25. Recreate an Image
26. Project: Copper Photo Stand
27. Editorial Inspiration 
28. Flat Lay
29. Before and After
30. Project: Personalized Tapestry
31. Found Frames
32. Messy Stuff
33. In My Bag 
34. The Bigger Picture
35. Project: Party Coasters 
36. Golden Hour
37. Collections
38. Capture the Mood
39. Project: Turn your Photo into Pop Art
40. Handwriting
41. Choose a Photo Trend 
42. Blooper Reel
43. Get in the Shot
44. Project: Copper Photo Wall Hanging
45. Stylized Signs of Life
46. Favorite Spot at Home
47. Black and White
48. Project: Engineer Print Display
49. Finding the Artistic Shot
50. AM / PM
51. Seasonal Details
52. Project: Personalized Journals

Thursday, February 21, 2019

DIY Fixes for Old, Slow, Poorly Flushing Toilet

An indelicate subject, we in the West use toilets everyday, multiple times a day.* If your home or toilet is old, it may start running slow, slowly, flushing poorly, not flushing completely. The culprit?...The culprit of the slow flush is often MINERAL buildup in the holes that fill the bowl as you flush, often around the rim, otherwise low in the toilet bowl.

Do you have to go to the expense and trouble of replacing your toilet? NO! If it is fine otherwise, it may well be superior to many modern toilets, especially if you prefer not to buy the high end ones. So how do you fix it, instead of replacing the toilet? You have to:  ⇉⇉Dissolve or remove the minerals.

To remove them brute force, flush the toilet, then when the bowl is empty, turn off the water, & scrape away at the holes under the lid, using a strong wire, for example a wire clothes hanger. You can use a hand mirror to aid you in seeing what you are doing with the holes under the lid—Family Handyman has pictures here.

To {dissolve} the minerals, which come from 'hard' water—basically calcium deposits like you might find in a kettle, also known as calcifcation or lime scale—use commercial products like CLR or generic versions, that contain the key ingredient of hydrochloric acid, or the hazardous muriatic acid, OR more natural products like vinegar or lemon juics, possibly with the addition of baking soda, mixed into a paste, for added oomph. takes time for any product to work, up to half hour for the commercial preparations, and up to a half a day, or at least a few hours, for the vinegar (& it may take several applications), and because these deposits are in awkward spots, you may need to rig up a way to keep the vinegar in contact with the deposits (as in when a shower is calcified, a classic solution is to tie a baggy with vinegar around the shower head for a few hours to let it soak).

Another, very slow, but very easy method of dissolving vinegar (& this is my OWN idea, I have NOT seen it anywhere else on the interwebs) is to use a very slightly leaky container of vinegar in the tank, so that with each flush, a very dilute acid (vinegar is an acid, acetic acid) will keep eroding the calcification of the holes. I will work on various implementations, and report back later....

WORKAROUND: WHILE you still have calicifcation, use a gallon jug that's had it's top cut off to make a bigger opening, in your sink, to catch the 'gray water' (soapy water) from when you wash your hand. When you flush, you can dump this gallon of water in at the same time, and the toilet will work much better.

Happy fast's the little things in life, isn't it?!!๐Ÿ˜„

*One of the reasons girls don't go to schools in areas where there are no toilets, is they often don't have access to sanitation materials. See the World Bank article discussing this here.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

February Full Moon Focus—A Fortnight of Goals and Project Action Plans

The 3rd night of the Virgo Full ๐ŸŒ• Moon Eclipse (of 3 nights of a full moon, in the way I see/celebrate/memorialize full moons, the 2nd night being the climax) finds me with goals for projects *and* action plans for completing those goals during the upcoming waning moon fortnight, before the new ๐ŸŒ‘ moon on March 6. I'm laying out some very specific timelines and parameters here, for accountability....

Goal 1:
emoticonI have plans for my own site/s, and will *eventually* migrate off blogger/blogspot when I can prove to myself that I can churn out content (I've brought urls before and did nothing with them, and will not do that again!) along with etsy and some other online ventures—2019 is the year I leverage 2 decades of digitalism and coding and I become a digital entrepreneur! 

A key concept I learned from someone on twitter was that not only 
  1. Entrepreneurial assets/products should  be ๐ŸŒฒevergreen๐ŸŒฒ
  2. Also, CONTENT *can* be ๐ŸŒฒevergreen๐ŸŒฒ, mostly

*Social media can be a fresh and easier micro-platform driving content to personal sites

Action Plan: post daily, if possible, to build out some content here

Goal 2:
emoticon Re-doing/re-organizing, (maybe someday renovating?) the basement (see the original declaration post from yesterday:—especially focusing on organinzing the craft space in February (got stalled out in January with the #polarVortex & many feet and hours of snow shovelling—I just didn't have the mental energy afterwards, to dig through the clutter* after digging through the snow 
(*so cluttered because everything got all messy & intermingled because of several floods, and some family medical emergencies, plus I kept rescuing useful items (*free!* re-craft supplies!) out of the recycling bin)

emoticon⇛⇛⇛and I'm making storage out of "crafty recycler" 'supplies', (upcycling trash-to-treasure), which I will detail soon. Yes I spent hours and hours after shoveling snow,  on pInterest (see my pIn board: "2bOrganized") getting ideas and inspiration for my #craftRoomOrgChallenge!

Action Plan: daily, if possible: organize, breaking areas down into smaller areas so some part of the craft area is FINISHED everyday in the next week, including 7 upcycled projects, printables, and organizing principles analysis
Action Plan: daily, if possible

Goal 3:
I just logged some of my holiday gift yarn stash on last night; it's a 10 pack of rainbow mini-skeins; I need to figure out what I want to make with that, plus I have some hats I'm knitting for one of my sisters but it's all buried under stuff in the crafts area, somewhere.... ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

Action Plan: not critical to do work with yarn, but a little relaxing knitting/crocheting, especially if I can figure out something for the sister who's birthday is on March 7 (which is on the day after the fortnight), if possible, and/or some of the DIY storage, has some yarn-y components...So something yarny in either week in the fortnight, at least once.

Goal 4:
emoticon Also, for more fun, relaxation, and a bit of good karma:  I've been saving paperboard from packaging and plan on making some ATC's and "postcardsToVoters" for the 4 regular and various special elections that are happening this year; also sketching, journaling

Action Plan: 
create a pack of postcardsToVoters and an ATC or 3 in this fortnight; no pressure on sketching, journaling, though *could* document

Goal 5:
emoticon I also want to start working on pysanky (Ukrainian Eostre eggs; done with a wax resist method, kind of like batik) but not until March, when I've got a lot of the organizing  done next week, for Spring Equinox + Easter 

Action Plan: post daily, if possible

Goal 6:
emoticon After the craft area is organized, then I want to start seeds, in March, in a different part of the basement...that ALSO needs organization (but mostly not by me, but another in my family)...
...and sow early spring seeds directly, outside (peas next month around emoticon ); 

Action Plan: plant seeds at least once in the fortnight, more if possible (not fully under my control because the space isn't under my control)

Goal 7:
  • but in the meantime, I need to review, thoroughly, the seed catalogs I ordered and go shop at the local nursery, and the dollar stores, which often have screaming deals on seeds; Dollar General especially, also Big Lots) and place orders via mail-order/online sites

Action Plan: Finalize list in Week 1 = Feb


So those are my craftastic plans.... 

Goal Summary:

  1.  Content Creation
  2.  #craftRoomOrgChallenge!
  3. Last of Winter Yarn Projects
  4. #postcards2voters & ATCs documenting fortnight
  5. Pysanky, in 2nd week
  6. Plant seeds, once or twice
  7. Finalize seed list, in 1st week

Other Goals:

Code Daily, Workout Daily, Log Food Daily, Log Other Goals; Join a Gym in March???, follow current events and embody activism with kindness and balance

emoticonNew Moon in Pisces on March 6, & much of March 2019, actually from today on, is under Mercury Retrograding influence, so it will be all about revisiting & revamping; re-imaging & re-....we shall see? re-something....

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

CHEAP or FREE Craft Room Storage, Organization, Basics & Processs Plan— A 30 Day Challenge

A craft room or space can really make crafting things much more pleasant than working wherever and / whenever a clear and clean surface is available, especially if that space is needed immediately for something else, like dinner or homework or other family members' needs. One of my goals this year is to start selling my crafts, and a dedicated space (the better part of a large basement room in my case) means that projects can be left in various stages of assembly, *while* creating several things at a time (giving drying or curing time to one object while working on another); so crafting will be more efficient, and pleasant in dedicated space. After all—there's a *reason* artists have studios! ;)

Also, making the space organized, and pretty, will inspire more creativity! So I've reviewed tons of ideas online, while focusing on free or cheap storage and organization in my plan, and doing a 30 day challenge, to be done setting this up in a month, or less, starting tonight, the Full Moon in Virgo. #craftRoomOrgChallenge

In pursuit of PURRRfect craft room organization, I analyzed a ton of pins and google images of organized craft rooms, and found these BASICS of Organization, when organizing a craft room:

The BASICS of ORGANIZATION—1) similar, uniform containers, 2) labeled; ideally CLEAR for FAST visibility—can be had for FREE, or cheap, if you 'shop' (or raid) your recycle bin or center. Another principle of organization is grouping 3) like with like and 4) a place for everything (and everything in its place).

The BASICS of the PROCESS of ORGANIZing are

  1. PREVIEW: Inventory & Assessment of the space & the things that are going into the space, along with the storage of those things; might need to be on paper & pencil, or digital space-planning, if you prefer...or it can be just a quick assessment in your head, or a 
  2. VIEW, individually: This is often the messiest part of the process! It's all about piles/groups...grab some bags or boxes or clear some space & put everything together. In my case I have bags of: clear salad boxes, some that don't come with lids; old corks from wine we've drunk; orange pill boxes from prescriptions;  (We DO recycle newspapers, magazines, plastic and paper bags, etc.) This is the step where I'm at, currently....
  3. What I still have to do: SHELVE it, i.e. HOME : SHELF or HOME it ('everything in it's place')
To be honest, I started this in early January, but because of this, that, and the other thing, along with several blizzards (I'm the chief snow-shoveler) and family illnesses, this craft space got put on the back burner.

But with the Full Moon in Virgo, the winter seemingly winding down, and everyone back on their feet and normal schedules, seems like a PERFECT time to get on with it!

So, I'll go get on with it (actually coming up with several diy projects from the 'junk' / 'trash' that I'm using to do my:

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Hello World! Hello 2019!! Content Editorial Planning Calendar for 2019

Hello World!
Hello 2019!!
Hello January!!!
         Hello end of December;
& goodbye end of December.
Hello blog-readers!
   and WELCOME :)

I'll just dive right in—with this soft-open*—on blogspot/blogger, for speed & ease of starting my "real" blog:
⇨All the current blogging-about-blogging blogs say it is useful to have a trajectory planned for a good landing of the blogs; a content / editorial { planning } calendar.

So I'm going to lay mine out, right here, bare bones, with *free printables* to follow in an upcomoing blogpost (you will be able to CLICK HERE to reach that soon).

BECAUSE this is a wheel-of-the-year seasonal / sustainability / upcycling blog, the calendar part is kind of built-in; PLUS the lunar focus adds to the yearly calendar with a monthly calendar sub-overlay. 

Cycles within cycles; circles within circles... &repeat;
Minutes to hours to days, &repeat;
New moons to full moons to dark and new, &repeat;
Winter to spring to summer to autumnal fall, &repeat;
Year to year, &repeat;
Lifetime to lifetime, &repeat? (jury's still out on that ;)

Most of those blogging-about-blogging blogs suggest having some goals to work towards, including launches of products & extrin$ic & intrinsic goals.

SO: my *goals for 2019* in a nutshell:

  1. ๐Ÿš€Launch blog = this right here! Goal 1 MET!
  2. ๐Ÿš€Launch store
  3. ๐Ÿš€Launch biz
  4. ๐Ÿš€Launch products, including apps; enough launches๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€!
  5. Attain 10 followers, then 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500, 5000, 7500, 10,000
  6. A certification a month/season (depends on cert)
  7. Double sales, seasonally
  8. Word of 2019 goals: either kind / embody / ....
  9. Revisit word of 2018 goals: PERSIST
  10. Determine best platform
  11. Goal to be determined here
  12. Goal to be determined here
  13. Prepare for 2020....
Once annual goals are done, then seasonal & monthly goals (explored in future post)

THEN, the steps to do achieve them are laid out.

The graphics of those steps is coming in 2019 Content Editorial Planning Calendar, part 2, 
but basically, in words:

during dark part of cycle: lay out goal, & define fullness/completeness

whoops, family calls, more later

*The 'hard-open' dates are on Jan 1 & 5 & 7. Reasons will be clear then.

Photo by Emily Morter on Unsplash

June 2019 Calendar Freebie

Here's a #FridayFreebie for the upcoming month of June 2019.