Wednesday, July 8, 2020

The Journey is the Reward—Taoist Proverb #WordlessWednesday #WallpaperWednesday

FREE "The Journey is the Reward"
Taoist Proverb
#WordlessWednesday  #WallpaperWednesday

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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Hello July #WordlessWednesday FREE Calendar Wallpaper #WallpaperWednesday

Hello July!
FREE July 2020 Calendar Wallpaper
#WordlessWednesday  #WallpaperWednesday
2 choices this month: Photo-Real, or A-Little-Daintier

Friday, May 22, 2020

New Moon on May 22, 2020, in Gemini

New Moon, New Cycle, New Intentions

Happy New Moon!

New Moon Intent

New moon is an inflection point: one cycle has finished, another is starting; it's a a great time to set or re-set your GOALS, PLANS, and INTENTIONS; New Moon is when you 'set' your 'INTENT'; especially in May, you 'plant' the seeds of what you hope to embody and occur, by the time the light of the Full Moon caresses you. Unlike the regular calendar month of say, May, or February, a New Moon to New Moon month harnesses the natural energies of the Earth.

New Moon is the time to:

  • Check in with self, with Nature, with Higher Energies
  • Ground and center; (HERE are some ways to do so)
  • Notice cycles: in our lives, in nature
  • Note that the cycles close and re-open, finish and start/re-start
  • Note that it's each moonth is a cycle: starting with the New Moon, into a waxing (increasing) Moon, waxing into the Full Moon, which then wanes (decreases), and continues waning back into the New Moon
  • Note that New Moon is a cycle within a cycle, a flow; and—not withstanding that one exact moment that is astronomically correct and exact for the New Moon, currently at May 22, at 1:39 EDT in 2020—you can honor the new moon period for about ~give or take~ 3 days and/or nights. This can be an appropriate way to think about both new and full moons, as your life and circumstances vary and ebb and flow, in and out. Also, New Moons' exact times are often during the daytime, which may be awkward times to co-ordinate with work and/or family schedules; noting the 3 days' of the cycle within the cycle adds flexibility and eases any 'guilt' and FOMO ('fear of missing out') around calendars, and helps you work with the over-arching energy of that moon, as it ebbs and flows in and out of the exact position you celebrate
Because New Moon (also sometimes known as the Dark Moon) is the beginning of the cycle (and at the same time the end of the previous cycle)...the point of death and (re-)birth it is a time of goals, plans and intentions. Beginnings like these are markers in our lives, and in nature: of freshness, of times of creation, the dawn of newness, new goals, plans and intentions. New Moon's primary energy of activity is a time of (re-setting/) setting intent/intention.

Actually there are 3 types of
Just as peoples' New Year's Resolutions are statements of their priorities, so too the cycle of DAY 1 of the beginning of each calendar month is a fresh (albeit arbitrary) calendar page for new or re-set goals, plans, and intentions, though it does work with the rest of our annual calendars, and the mundane world. 

Happy MAY 2020 New Moon!

Public Domain image by DarkWorkX via Pixabay

This monthly month cycle (etymologically from 'me'*(pron. meh) *to measure and moon, see {which/witch can be thought of as moonth}) cycle of 28-31 days plus occasional leap days is a standardization and retro-fitting of the moon's cycle. In 2020, the moon calendar is approximating the solar cycle's calendar, with new moons near the beginning of the sun's entry into signs; for example, the sun went into Gemini on May 20, and the New Moon is exact on May 22, 1:39 pm EDT, 2020.

So how *does* one set intent at New Moon? That's a large topic, which is covered here, but goals, plans and intentions are related. In some ways, goal-setting has been the most widely covered in modern productivity and time management literature...there's even a 'SMART' goals method:
  • S as in Specific (stating a concrete, actionable goal)
  • M as in Measurable (metric-driven measurements)
  • A as in Achievable (goals that one can achieve or attain via actions)
  • R as in Relevant (in alignment with larger goals and core values)
  • T as in Timely (a specific time-frame to completion, the a month?)

Plans are the daily goals and action steps that make up HOW you will accomplish your monthly goal/s.

Intent is about what you intend to do, what you resolve to do...your intention or resolution.

Setting intent at the beginning of a cycle helps you achieve your purposes, to live in alignment with your core values.

THIS May Gemini moon (& Gemini solar, as above written) is a great time to start or concretize working with the moon cycles and with goals, ahead of or during this Memorial weekend, & as we start to approach Mercury Retrograde (Rx), which rears its head the next cycle, almost to the day, on June 21. This is ALSO along with the peak of the summer solstice, known also by the ancient Celtic name of Litha, or the ancient Norse & Germanic name of midsommar, and also near the ancient Slavic holiday of Ivana Kupala. Also that cycle contains the Full moon Eclipse, June 5 in Sagittarius. So ahead of this next cycle with all sorts of retrograde, eclipse-y, solar-lunar near synchronicity, during the *peak* of the annual solar cycle...this cycle is a GREAT and more straight-forward cycle to channel energies in preparation, especially as the world seems to be re-opening from the Covid pause, for good or ill....

Happy MAY 2020 New Moon in Gemini!

Public Domain image by DarkWorkX via Pixabay

New Moon in Gemini, the new cycle that is exemplified by a chatty, breezy breath of fresh air, air going to our all our heads. Also the sign of short travels, which may be even more understandable *this* year, as so many of us are starved for socializing, even as many of us are very concerned about breaching social and physical distances.

Other factors: the New Moon in Gemini is squaring Mars in Pisces, and also a supple contact with Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius.

now's a good time to back up your data ahead of the next Mercury Rx cycle, and also a great time for you to fine-tune your social media strategy;

Gemini New Moon in May 2020:
A time of Passionate Embraces for All the Signs

Aries: Talk it out, Aries, don't bottle it in, and don't let anyone manipulate you into silence!
EXPRESS YOURSELF, don't repress yourself.
Taurus: Map out & schedule the actions needed to manifest and make progress on projects from your dreams and visions, this cycle, Taurus; don't let others hold you back.
Gemini: Happy Birthday month Geminis!!! It's all about YOU! Your pace, your preferences, your needs! Remember, haste sometimes makes waste....
Cancer: It'll be 'all about' you next cycle, Cancer, so dream some dreams, unplug, relax, and think about and envision the seeds of your next year, cultivating how you can embody your hopes and core values. Don't let the weeds get too tall!
Leo: Reap the good feelings of having been the helper recently, Leo; maybe that includes giving it a rest this weekend, or as soon as you can, and then ramping up in the next fortnight with a peak at the Full Moon in June. Don't deny yourself some focus on your own needs.
Virgo: Enjoy the New Moon on Friday and the long weekend ahead, Virgo; the time is coming to embrace your work passions, sooner or later this cycle. Harness this new moon energy to fly like a Gemini butterfly; don't forget to break out of your cocoon.
Libra: Even though it's hard to take a big voyage, right now, Libra, it might be time to revisit and revise your bucket list, and even make some tentative plans for when you DO feel safe to travel. Don't take any chances though, and satisfy your wanderlust and itch to move in a socially distant way, enjoyably.
Scorpio: Usually you don't have any problems 'embracing' your passion, Scorpio, and this is the time to commit to your true nature; don't hold back!
Sagittarius: You can use this cycle to really focus on what you want in relationships, Sagittarius, and feel free to expect the best from your loved ones; they may need to step it up to really satisfy you. Don't lower your standards: you're worth it.
Capricorn: This is the last cycle to really clean up your work life, Capricorn, before Mercury Retrogrades and throws in extra monkey wrenches. Maybe you've already been wrenched, and if so, breathe, reach out for help, and get creative to re-invent your vocation. Don't forget to follow your passions, even if that means passion for keeping a roof over your head!
Aquarius: Slow down and enjoy the passions of your relationships, Aquarius, but especially, don't forget to take the time to enjoy the teasing, winking banter of coquettery.
Pisces: This cycle is all about buckling down and getting as much done yourself before Mercury retrogrades, Pisces. Then you can conquer the world, but don't forget to do it with grace.

Saturday, February 1, 2020

29 Blog Post Ideas for a DIY, Spiritual, Sustainable February 2020

Still updating the goal from last year:

GOAL: to get this blog going, i.e. populated with content, so that I can feel justified in the expense and time of moving to my own domain; that I can actually follow through on writing. The action steps to achieve that include: daily blog posts, as many blogs used to do way back in the day, *and for 2020* I plan on chunking tasks and doing things ahead, following a content calendar, starting this month, at mid-month.  This will both prove (to myself) that I can keep consistently blogging, and provide inspiration and content/fodder for the future.
  1. THIS post (the one you're reading): 

    29 Blog Post Ideas for a DIY, Spiritual, Sustainable February 2020

  2. *Candlemas, Imbolc Ideas🔥
  3. *Round-up: and Review: 🔥Candlemas-Imbolc
  4. *Wordless Wednesday Wallpaper: Week of: Feb. Monthly Calendar & Candlemas (Feb. Monthly Calendar FREEBIE)
  5. *Project DIY: DIY Storage Shelves
  6. *🌻Fresh2020: Round-upMint🌿
  7. *🎂Recipe week 1: 2 & 3 ingredient🍪🍰 Healthier Treats Recipes🍪🍰
  8. *Project DIYMint🌿
  9. *Self-care Sunday: Mint🌿 Tea
  10. *Mom's Birthday inspiration: Round-up: DIY Gifts for Women
  11. *💖Love Astrology 2020💖 & MercRx
  12. Wordless Wednesday Wallpaper: Week of: Valentine's💖 FREEBIE
  13. *Project DIY Upcycling: Cat Litter Jugs into Magazine Holders
  14. *Bujo Round-up💖Valentines & Galentines💖
  15. *🎂Recipe week 2 💖Whole Grain💖 Baking Mix
  16. Self-care Sunday: Turmeric Tea (Golden Tea)
  17. *🌻Fresh2020: 🌷🌸🌹🌺🌿Plan for Gardening & *Worksheet* FREEBIE
  18. *🎂Recipe week 3: 💖Blood Orange Marmalade
  19. *Wordless Wednesday Wallpaper: Week of: President's Day FREEBIE
  20. *Project DIY: IKEA Hack: DIY Seed-starting
  21. *🌻Fresh2020: Round-upLavender🌿
  22. *New Moon Intention Setting: *Cozy, Comfy, Hygge Bedroom
  23. *Self-care Sunday: Lavender🌿 Tea
  24. *Recipe week 4: __________________
  25. *Winter into Spring Morning & Evening Routine
  26. *Wordless Wednesday Wallpaper: Week of: Mardi Gras, Lent, Maslenitsa OR March Calendar (either way: FREEBIE) 
  27. *March Bujo Spreads Round-up
  28. *Project DIY Upcycling: Cat Food / Tuna Cans:  Round-up
  29. *LeapDAY, Leap YEAR____________ (WOOD Celestial)
Some ideas for MARCH....
Recipes for Eostre, Pisces & Aries Bday's; Pisces & Aries Gifts
Flower Shopping Round-ups
*Project DIY Upcycling: Milk Jugs, Tarn Yarn, Plant Tags
Planting: Peas & Greens
Full Moon Projects
New Moon Intentions
Winter Project Midway Assessments

Friday, January 3, 2020

New Year, New Logo

I'm upping my branding and design game this year, slowly and easily

Step1: Trying out

Result: Wanted me to turn off my ad-blocker, but I had too many tabs open for the traffic that would create; I went to the blog post about making the logo: & saw it was just stopping pop-ups, so I retried:

Step2: Trying out Canva:


Wednesday, January 1, 2020

31 Blog Post Ideas for a DIY Green, Sustainable January 2020

Last year  I set the same monthly goal I several times:

GOAL: to get this blog going, i.e. populated with content, so that I can feel justified in the expense and time of moving to my own domain. The action steps to achieve that include: daily blog posts, as many blogs used to do, *and for 2020* I plan on chunking tasks and doing things ahead, following a content calendar.  This will both prove (to myself) that I can keep consistently blogging, and provide inspiration and content/fodder for the future.
So, without further ado, here are: 31 Blog Post Ideas for a DIY Green Spiritual and Sustainable January (2020):
  1. THIS Page (the post you are reading): 31 Blog Post Ideas for a DIY Green, Sustainable Octber
  2. Jan. Monthly Calendar FREEBIE
  3. 2020 Content Calendar
  4. SMART goals & /or Word for the year
  5. Moon Calendar?
  6. Easy Goals1: Zoodles & Swoodles Recipes
  7. Harvest Round-up: Twigs
  8. My Twig Project DIYEasy Gifts1
  9. Organizing Challenge Round-up for ApartmentTherapy's January Cure, week 1 review
  10. Winter into Spring Morning & Evening Routine
  11. Upcycling Milk Jugs: Easy Goals: Organizing
  12. Full Moon Printable: : Easy Gifts2 / Decor
  13. Mint DIYEasy Gifts3
  14. Fresh2020 Round-up: Mint Uses
  15. More planning: Bucket List/Goals/Plans for Year, 5years, 10years
  16. Bujo 2020
  17. Astrology 2020?
  18. Lemon Balm Project DIYEasy Gifts4
  19. Fresh2020 Round-up: Lemon Balm
  20. Plantain Project DIYEasy Gifts5
  21. Fresh2020 Round-up: Plantain
  22. Plan for FlowerGardening, bday shopping
  23. Projects: Upcycling Plastic Bags DIYEasy Gifts6
  24. Recipe week2
  25. Recipe week3
  26. Recipe week4
  27. Januar Bujo Spreads and Review
  28. Upcycling Containers: Cat Food / Tuna Cans: Easy Gifts 11
  29. Upcycling Cans Round-up
  30. New Moon Intention Setting: *Cozy, Comfy, Hygge Bedroom
  31. Fave Jan Recipes
  32. Feb Food planning 
  33. Upcycling Tarn Yarn: Easy Gifts 12

Some ideas for Feb....
Blog Post Ideas:  (*means it was also scheduled in November)
*Upcycling Organization Storage
Recipes for Candlemas, Bday, ValDay, PresDay, Lent/MardiGras and December
Flower Shopping Round-ups
*Upcycling Tarn Yarn
*Cozy, Comfy, Hygge Bedroom
Full Moon Projects
New Moon Intentions
Winter Project Midway Assessments

The Journey is the Reward—Taoist Proverb #WordlessWednesday #WallpaperWednesday

FREE "The Journey is the Reward" Taoist Proverb Wallpaper #WordlessWednesday  #WallpaperWednesday Also see the 2 choices this mont...