Friday, October 4, 2019

13 Witchy, Spooky, Goth-y Plants for a Green Witch's Garden Harvest

As I went to illustrate my #drawTober/#inkTober #WitchTober cards, I realized that I didn't know what plants to include in a Witch's Garden—off the top of my head I immediately thought of Rosemary & the self-named Witch Hazel, along with Mullein (which I had just harvested), and Mugwort, along with White Sage (used in smudging), and Bella Donna, apples, corn, grapes, pumpkins, and squash (being Harvest season, and added, from the first tarot card I'm working on, the #Witch (#Mage/#Magician), roses and lilies from classic tarot iconography.

  1. Rosemary—planted somewhere near an entrance for protection
  2. Witch Hazel—of course, Witch Hazel in a Witch's Garden!
  3. Mullein—the stems of these were once called Hags Tapers, used to light the night
  4. Mugwort—3 witchy plant uses: A) part of a modern witch's dream pillow, this goth-y plant also gets cred as B) an alternative 'smudge' herb, instead of white sage, esp. for Euro-based/heritage witchy folks and C) as a tobacco alternative to smoke
  5. White Sage (Salvia apiana) Unlike the sage we use to flavor turkeys, these 
  6. Bella Donna—as much for the goth-y plant name, as much as anything else, lol
  7. Apples—Long associated with magic, from Snow White's apple, & the Golden Apple of Greece
  8. Corn—no more spooky plants than corn sheaves, tied up & displayed for #Hallows/Halloween (Hallowe'en, short for Hallows evening); also the husks can be tied up & made into corn dollies/poppets
  9. Grapes—because wine!
  10. Pumpkins—because jack-o-lanterns!
  11. Squash—because pumpkins are squash
  12. Roses—from the Magician/Mage/Witch I tarot card: the full red roses of manifestation, buds for becoming
  13. Lilies—from the Magician/Mage/Witch I tarot card: white lilies for intention (I did not know this association before researching the card)
Thus ends the first set of 13 witchy, spooky, goth-y plants for a green witch's garden harvest, which co-incidentally will be featured in at least the Witch (Mage/Magician) card for #WitchTober/DrawTober/InkTober (also kinda doing #TarotTober, even as/not it's a thing).

{Have been watching FreeForm's #31 Days of Halloween—& from comments on their listing page there were recommendations for AMC who's also apparently playing Halloween movies—along with Travel, Food, and eventually HGTV channels for their paranormally entertaining, delicious and decorative Hallowe'en ideas. Getting in the mood!}

~Also doing #cleanTober: organizing supplies & harvests, for my #apothecary-in-progress, while #upcycling various containers, & streamlining #storage

Did I mention I love October & Hallowe'en, even if it does mean 'winter is coming'?!

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

31 Blog Post Ideas for a DIY Green, Sustainable Octber

From Sept, I wrote:
My recent goal has been to get this blog going, populated with content, so that I can feel justified in the expense and time of moving to my own domain. To that goal, I planned to do daily blog posts, what many blogs used to do, and thus both prove to myself that I can keep consistently blogging, and provide inspiration and content/fodder for further blogging.
So, without further ado, here are:

  1. Oct. Monthly Calendar FREEBIE
  2. THIS Page (the post you are reading): 31 Blog Post Ideas for a DIY Green, Sustainable Octber
  3. Drawtober, Day 1: MageWitch, & Notes for MageWitch Images
  4. Pumpkin Spicing & Apples + Caramels
  5. Preptober Schedule & Notes
  6. Drawtober, Day 2-6, & Notes
  7. CleanTober/Organizing Round-up for Autumn
  8. Drawtober, Day 7-8, & Notes
  9. Upcycling Black Foam into Bats & Cats & Witches' Hats
  10. Autumnal Morning & Evening Routine
  11. My Mint Project DIY
  12. Harvest Round-up: Mint
  13. My Lemon Balm Project DIY
  14. Harvest Round-up: Lemon Balm
  15. My Plantain Project DIY
  16. Harvest Round-up: Plantain
  17. Last of Summer Projects: Mural DIY
  18. Last of Summer Projects: Concrete DIY
  19. Last of Summer Projects: Upcycling Plastic Bags DIY
  20. Last of Summer Projects: Upcycling Clear Plastic Containers into Shrinks DIY
  21. Drawtober & the other 'tober 3 week check-in
  22. 13 Ways to Celebrate Hallows
  23. Hallows Bucket List
  24. Hallows Bujo Spreads and Review
  25. My Twig Project DIY
  26. Harvest Round-up: Twigs
  27. Drawtober & the other 'tober Final week check-in
  28. Upcycling Containers: 2019 Little Orange Catfood bowls into wreath/pumpkin DIY
  29. Upcycling Cans Round-up
  30. Upcycling Milk Jugs into Skeletons
  31. Hallows & Costumes & Dia de Los Muertos
Some ideas for October....
  1. Nov Monthly Calendar Freebie

Upcycling Organization Storage
Recipes for Autumn, Thanksgiving
Thanks & Blessings mindfulness
Prep for BlackFriday, CyberMonday shopping
Upcycling Tarn Yarn
Cozy, Comfy, Hygge Bedroom
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Gift Crafting

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

October Calendar Freebie

Hello October! First day of Blogtober, along with InkTober/DrawTober w/a Hallows theme becoming WitchTober, also NanoWriMo's PrepTober. I'll be focusing on these themes, and a couple more that I'm doing by myself: codeTober & cleanTober.

Here's the first of a series of calendar #Freebie's that I have created, a desktop wallpaper calendar for October 2019.


Part of this image was photoshopped, using the free pumpkin image from unsplash-logoTim Mossholder

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